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Possum Merino - Best Knit Ever

Characteristics Of Possum And Merino Fibres:

The feel of Merino Possum is one of absolute "silky" luxury, unlike any other knit, it is exceptionally comfortable in all conditions.

Manawatu Knitting Mills manufacture garments in New Zealand using pure wool, lambswool, and merino, but lead the industry in production of possum merino products utilising cutting edge state of the art technology. 'Whole Garment Technology', plus a highly skilled workforce with years of industry experience means products are produced to the highest quality standards, as such, our customers can expect the very best. Manawatu Knitting Mills were one of the first knitwear manufacturers to incorporate possum fibre into the production of knitwear. This initiative combined technology with practical and appealing designs enabled production of a superior knitwear product Ė high quality, unique, and made exclusively in New Zealand. Kiwi Made Since 1884.

Our Possum fibre is 55% warmer than Merino & 35% warmer than Cashmere

No knitwear is more "Practical", yet fashion focused in terms of design, fit, comfort, colour and durability than Possum Merino

Key benefits;

  • Warmth: Possum fibre is hollow, like polar bear fur, making it one of the best insulating fibres in the world as well as incredibly light-weight. Unbeatable for warmth in the winter yet still breathes well when the temperature heats up in spring or even summer. Merino fibres act as a buffer for your body against the outside air, trapping air as a layer of insulation. Merino fibres are one of the only natural fibres that can keep creating heat when wet.
  • Durability: Possum fibre has a long life expectancy. The fibre is stretchy and this helps it resist breaking. It also won't pill and when mixed with Merino it makes the garment pill free and anti-static which increases the lifetime and as-new appearance of your garment. Merino fibre is longer than the possum fibre and therefore helps bond the two fibres together increasing a garments ability to remain smooth and resistant to wear. Possum fur will not freeze, even when exposed to periods of prolonged cold. The only other fibre on the planet known to have the same characteristic is polar bear fur.
  • Comfort: Warm and luxuriously soft! Possum fibre is extremely soft and non-irritable, even against the skin, no pricking or itch as with other knits. Once you try it on you won't want to take it off!
  • Lightweight: The hollow possum fur and fine Merino make for an extremely lightweight product. On a weight to insulation ratio Possum/Merino performs better than nearly all other natural fibre products.
  • Colour: New Zealand grown Merino fibre is renowned for being brighter and whiter than the rest of the world. This increases the potential colour choices for Merino Possum textiles and improves the garments ability to retain colour without fading.
  • Natural: Like most natural fibres Merino wool and Possum are resistant to odours and actively handle moisture by drawing it away from the body and releasing it, much like a wick. This means more wear, less washing - adding to the life time of the product. Being a natural fibre Possum fur also absorbs moisture well, drawing it away from the body into the center of the fibre. These unique Possum fur characteristics mean that it can't freeze and make it extremely warm.
  • Technology - Whole garment knitwear has no side seams

The brush-tail possum was introduced to New Zealand in the 1850s and this particular species of possum is now causing havoc on natural wild life and native forests.

The need to control the number of possums in New Zealand, in order to protect the native wildlife, flora, and fauna, saw the development of a specialised fibre within the knitwear industry of New Zealand. This fibre incorporated New Zealand Merino wool, and Possum fur, a combination that proved to be successful. A superior, high quality yarn was created, that also worked to successfully help the ecology of New Zealand by creating a demand for possum fibre.

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